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Coralia Reef believes in the worldwide need to preserve the wealth, health and beauty of Mother Nature, for the purpose of achieving the well being and the balance of

 our generation, as well as the benefit of future generations.

Corals are an important part of the global ecosystem, specifically the marine ecosystem. They are threatened worldwide, as they are constantly exposed to aggression in several forms, including industrial pollution, maritime traffic, fishing activities, touristic activities, shoreline constructions, global warming, to name only a few. We help identifying the problem, finding solutions and mitigation, thus promoting preservation, propagation and ultimately the increase of corals worldwide. Coral reefs are by definition and by Nature home for marine creatures, acting as a nursery for fish as well as being a food resource for higher food chain predators. Therefore, the creation of Artificial “Natural” Coral Reefs, can simultaneously serve a dual purpose, i.e., environmental purpose by creating a full marine habitat and  increasing fish biomass and biodiversity; and also it leads to new economic opportunities in term of Eco-tourism and real estate development as dedicated dive locations.
Our Vision is the building of a better tomorrow and to preserve our beautiful Nature for the well-being of the future generations. Our Mission is to implement the economic and sustainable long-term techniques for the preservation of existing corals and endangered marine life, as well as propagation of corals by building artificial coral reefs; and populating those lifeless marine areas in the shallow waters, by using the proper and innovative fisheries modules. Our Goal and Target is to fund and support the scientific marine biology researches and to develop newer, safer, more sustainable techniques for the preservation and   enhancement of the Marine Environment.